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Women’s Program

Inpatient Women’s Program

Depression is one of the leading reasons women seek medical help. While it’s not known for sure, higher rates of depression in women than men may be linked to biological and social differences.

Our women’s-only setting allows for a secure, nurturing environment, giving women the chance to process intimate and highly personal issues. Our clinical staff has experience addressing women’s specific needs, including biological, hormonal, psychological and social factors that increase women’s susceptibility to trauma and mental health disorders. We believe that gender-specific therapy groups are helpful for establishing open communication, gaining peer support, and encouraging healing from past and current difficulties. The all-female clinical staff help promote a treatment environment focused on support, empowerment and strength.

Women’s Inpatient Staff

Inpatient Medical Director – Arthur Ramirez, MD; Fred Arrellano, DNP
Inpatient Program Manager – Cynthia Torres, LPC-Intern, CCTP
Inpatient Nurse Manager – Ana Solis, RN

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