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Our Team

Our Team

Meet our Team

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer: Phuong Cardoza

Chief Operation Officer: Castaneda, Jennifer

Chief Financial Officer: Phil Sosa

Chief Nursing Officer: Cano, Leticia

Medical Director: Chawla, Goshawn M.D.

Director of Business Development: Ron Jackson

Staff Physicians

Medical Director: Chawla, Goshawn M.D.


  • Nicholas Baida, MD
  • Freddie Molina, DNP


  • Nicolas Baida, MD
  • Freddie Molina, DNP

Chemical Dependency/Rehab:

  • Jorge Avila, MD


  • Arthur Ramirez, MD

Child and Adolescent:

  • Osvaldo Gaytan, MD
  • Phil Petrus, DMSc,PA-C


  • Arthur Ramirez, MD


Goshawn Chawla, M.D.

Outpatient Medical Director: Goshawn Chawla, MD


  • Goshawn Chawla, MD

Help is Only a Call Away

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